Board of Trustees

Linda Kosta, President

Caitlin McEachern Wroblewski, Vice President

Paul ‘Finn’ Finnegan, Treasurer

Mary Tullis Engvall, Secretary


Sharon Barrett

Jamie Densmore

Eric Janney

Judy Munro

Julia Parry

David Pattek

David Snediker

Ken Soeder


Sara Lathrop, Trustee Emerita


The Mystic & Noank Library Board has a long list of dedicated volunteers that have, since its opening in 1893, been committed to the vision of the Library and the communities that it serves. These dedicated volunteers have helped to navigate our historic Library through a multitude of changes that have affected our Library as well as libraries in general. One of the most important roles for the Board is to support the development and delivery of materials, programs, outreach and activities that engage, inform and invigorate people of all ages.  Indeed, when the Library opened it had community space on the first floor and 4,000 books on the second floor. Today we occupy 15,420 square feet with over 40,000 items in our collection.

As a non-profit organization, we currently receive only 27% of our operating funds from the towns of Stonington and Groton and the State of Connecticut. These funds help defray a small portion of our operating expenses. As a non-municipal library, we do not receive town support for services such as utilities, human resources, technology, accounting, facilities maintenance, or capitol projects. One of the most important responsibilities of the Board is to ensure the continued financial viability and longevity of our beloved Library through outreach in our community.  Board and community members serve on committees to provide this much-needed support to the Library. 

We seek individuals who are passionate about our Library to serve on the Board or one of the five committees below (click the links for descriptions). If you are interested, please reach out to: We would love to have you join us!


Past Presidents

Robert Palmer, Sr.
1893 - 1913

Amos B. Taylor
1913 - 1916

Dr. C.F. Congdon
1916 - 1927
Dr. William Hill
1927 - 1938
Horace B. Lamb, Sr.
1938 - 1954

Claude M. Chester
1954 - 1960

Elizabeth Anderson
1960 - 1979
Janice Fitton
1979 - 1984
Richard G. Arms, Jr.
1984 - 1988
Franklin G. Davis
1988 - 1989

Robert V. Krusewski
1989 - 1990

Robert H. Tullis
1990 - 1993

Nancy B. McLaughlin
1993 - 1995

Susan S. Arms
1995 - 1997
Marsha Thompson
1997 - 2000

Nancy Nickerson
2000 - 2002

Stuart Lamson
2002 - 2004

Sarah Hill Canning
2004 - 2006
Jane Brannegan
2006 - 2007
Louise Hoffman
2006 - 2007

Nancy Hevenor
2007 - 2009

Neal Bobruff
2009 - 2011

Bill Furgueson & Ann Shipley
2011 - 2013

Barry Boodman
2013 - 2014
John Casey
2013 - 2014
Todd Brady
Rhona Heyl
2015 - 2017
Bill Turner
2017 - 2019
Judy Munro
2019 - 2022
Linda Kosta
2021 - Present