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2019 Honor Roll of Donors

As we enter our 127th year serving our community of Groton, Stonington and Mystic, the Mystic & Noank Library continues to thrive because of the incredible generosity of our donor family who invest in our Library each year. Our donor honor roll celebrates everyone who made a gift in the calendar year 2019 (January 1, 2019-December 31, 2019). Thank you so much for your support!

Aetna Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Sultan and Ann Ahamed

Eva Aldrich

Frederick and Susan Allard

George and Pamela Allen

Marta Nolan-Alley

Charles B. Allyn Foundation

Louis and Cynthia Allyn

Amazon Smile

Frederic and Anita Anderson

Anderson-Paffard Foundation

Joellen Anderson

Patricia Anderson

Byron Angel and Elizabeth Morton

Gregory and Sally Angelini



The Antkowiak Family

Richard and Susan Arms

Jon Arruda and Heather Sawyer

Gabriel and Denise Asfar

B & H Bugbee Plumbing & Heating, LLC

Victor and Christie Baird

Charles Baker and Anne Lewis

Jeanne Baker

Peter and Joan Balestracci

Melanie Barba

Marilyn Barr

Spyros Barres

Douglas and Barbara Barrett

Richard and Harriet Barry

Karen Barthelson

Paul Bates

Timothy and Deborah Bates

Guatam and Tina Batra

David and Lynn Belanger

Daniel and Cynthia Benfield

Tom and Carol Benoit

Paul and Ann Bergendahl

Paul and Jeri Berkel

Robert Bernecky

Ingrid Bernhard

Maria Bernier

William and Camilla Bertsche

Big Y

Bill and Natalie Billing

Estate of Jean K. Blanchet

Michael and Laurie Blefeld

Barbara Block

The Blue Horse

Bruce Blye and Donna Logan

Neal and Jane Lassen Bobruff

Law Office of Neal M. Bobruff

Lawrence Boland

*Barry and Linda Boodman

Anthony Bovino

Todd Brady

Daniel and Jane Brannegan

William and Charlene Breed

Carol Breslin

James and Sharon Breton

Brightworks, Inc.

William and Peggy Brissette

Jeffrey Brown and Dr. Daniela Duke

Van Brown and Beth Tillman

Robert and Annette Bruno

James Burbank

Craig and Amy Bush

Kathleen Busse

Joan Butler

Richard and Alice Butler

Thomas Buttacavoli and Helen Babcock

Thomas and Sarene Byrne

Charles and Judith Cady

Constance Calfo

Joseph and Cindy Callaghan

Captain Carroll Jane Callahan

Lori Calobrisi

David and Judith Campbell

Sarah Hill Canning

William and Suzanne Hill Canning

Wendy Capone

Sharon Carlee

Melinda Carlisle

John Carney

Bruce and Carol Carpenter

Reverend and Mrs. Ken Carpenter

David and Janice Carreau

Maurice and Barbara Caruso

Joanna Case

Jason and Gill Castagna

William and Heather Castle

Joseph Cecere, MD

Erica Chandler

Tom and Janet Chapman

Charter Oak Federal Credit Union

Chelsea Groton Bank

Robert Chew and Mary Bigley

Rob and Tory Christian

Caroline Cimochowski

Citizens Bank Charitable Foundation

Karen Krogseng Clark

Ken and Micki Clark

Coca-Cola Company Matching Gifts Program

John Cody and Linda Cernak

Jeffrey Cole and Sally Booth

The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut

Richard and Catherine Conant

Paul and Carol Connor

Julia Constantine

Fred and Ann Conti

Kevin and Marge Conway

Rod Cook and Kit Hartford

John and Doris Cory

Mary Jo Courtney

Stephen and Patricia Menno-Coveney

Marie Cox

Susan Crawford

Ruth Crocker

Louise Cronin

Sherry Crum

David and Josephine Cruthers

Mark and Gwen Cukierski

Lonnie Curtis

John and Barbara Curto

Carol Cushman

Kim Czapla

Neil and Eileen Danaher

Curt and Betsie Danforth

Chris Daniels and Laurel Butler

Edward and Joan David

Franklin and Diane Davis

*Faith Damon Davison

Robert DeGroot

Frederick and Catherine Deichmann

Duncan Denny and Katie Korpi

Jamie Densmore

Joyce Densmore

Densmore Oil Company

Paul and Mary Ellen Deschenes


Connie Desillier

Nancy D'Estang

Avery Dickinson

Edward and Ellen Dieckerhoff

Dime Bank

W. Keith and Rosemary Dobie

Julie Doering

Dennis Doherty and Mary Fiorelli

Jane Donnel

Diane Donovan

Helen Newell Douglas

Jimmy Doyle

Victor and Paula Dufault

Frank and Jackwyn Durrschmidt

Michael Dwyer and Patricia Hardy

Edward and Barbara Eckelmeyer

John and Christy Ehlers

Brian and Pamela Ehrlich

Alex and Lena Ellison

Anthony and Carole Erdman

Ronald and Marlene Estabrooks

Edward and Gail Ettinger

David Evans

Nancy Evans

David and Judith Fales, DDS

Theresa Fallon

Robert and Sandra Farwell

Michael Feltes and Irene Trimble

Dr. B.J. and Diane Ferguson

Henry and Susan Ferguson

Sallyanne Ferrero

Benjamin and Kiersten Field

Chris and Vicki Field

Peter and Ann Filardi

Stephan and Annette Finton

Fred and Eleanor Fischer

Richard and Margaret Fitzgerald

Thomas and Mary Fitzgerald

Jane Fitzpatrick

Tom Flaherty and Fran Hoffman

M. June Fliri

Irene Fontaine

Lewis and Marilyn Foster

Mark and Diane Fournier

Paul and Mary Fox

David and Jane Francis

John Francisconi

Ann Freeman

Friends of Mystic & Noank Library

Glenn and Janice Frink

Sherry and Alfie Fritzsche

James and Mary Ellen Furlong

Susanna Fusconi

Carolyn Galligan

Robert and Joan Garbarino

Katharine Garfield

Richard and Alexandra Garmon

Robert and Lois Geary

Stephen and Maureen Gilardi

JoAnn Marie Giles

Arthur and Carole Glaser

William and Lois Glazier

William and Whitney Goetz

Steven and Susan Goldstein

Alexa Goodman

Glenn and Pam Gordinier

John and Rose Corbett Gordon

John and Siobhan Gordon

Adam and Brooke Gorlick

Dina Gorlick

William and Christine Grady

Marilyn Graham

Royden and Valerie Grimm

Roger Gross

Groton Education Foundation, Inc.

Marianne Grube

Roy and Eileen Gustavson

Frederick and Stella Haberlandt

Rolf Habluetzel and Joan Bigham

The Halsey Family

Thomas and Elizabeth Halsey

Michael and Nancy Handler

Estate of Mary Hartman

Leah Hartman

Mable Hauck

Lisa Hellen

Barrie and Judith Hesp

Barbara Heuer

Mike and Lynda Hewitt

Rhona Heyl

Judith Hicks

Muriel Hinkle

W. Lee Hisle and Julie Worthen

Marion Hobaica

William Hoffman

Duane and Aileen Holdridge

Joseph Holdridge, III

Breland and Jeanette Holley

Deborah Holmsen

Herbert and Anne Holmstedt

Nancy Holstein

Dr. Arthur Hotchkiss

Edward and Martha Hourihan

George Hulme

*Lillian Irons

Ruth Jacob

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jalbert

Kay Janney

Cameron and Anne Johnson

Christine Johnson

Edward and Kimberley Johnson

Mark and Laurie Johnson

Shannon Johnson

Stephen Johnson and Sharon Cohen

Lawrence Jones and Carol Larson

Mary Jones

Stephen Jones and Hansina Wright

Reva Katz

Walt and Susan Keach

Blain and Deborah Keith

Carolyn Kelly

David and Denise Kennedy

RB Kent & Sons, Inc.

Peter Kepple and Karin Whittemore

Helen Ketelhut

Ted and Susan Kietzman

Marjorie Kimball

James and Jennifer Kimenker

Stephen and Barbara Kingsland

Kelsi Klatzky

Thomas S. Klise Company

Kenneth Knott

Jessica and Craig Koehler

John and Elizabeth Komorowski

Richard and Linda Kosta

Robert and Eleanor Krusewski

Maria Ksiezopolska

Rohit Kush Kumar

Dr. Gary LaChance and Dr. Sharon Barrett

Theresa Lamb

Stuart Lamson and Leah Prescott

Peter and Kathryn Landry

Christopher and Jennifer Lane

Martha Lane

Sara Lathrop

Skia Laurence

Charlene Lavoie

John and Nancy Law

Jack Leary and Joanne Lukaszewicz

John and Rosalie Lee

So Young Lee

Robert and Hope Leuba

Donald and Marie Levenson

Stephen Levinson and Diana Sheets

Ken Levy

Kathryn Lewis

Elizabeth Limkemann

Amanda Lindberg

The Linhares Family

Ralph and Mary Ann Little

Jens and Susan Ljungberg

Sarah Lomax

Margaret Loughlin

William and Adrianne Loweth

Dave and Patti Ludwig

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lyman, Jr.

Sheila Lyons

Lisa MacDonnell

Sophia Macris

David Madacsi

Ted Malek and Patricia Fritzsche

Thomas and Kathleen Manning

Frank and Cathy Marco

Martin Margulies

Jeanne Martin

Robert and Cynthia Martin

Stearns and Prudy Martin

William and Jane Martley

Anthony and Ann Masullo

Rodney Maxwell and Mary Barber

Mike and Carol McBee

Helen McDonnell

Victoria McDonnell

Hugh and Pamela McGee

Drs. John and Marcia McGowan

John and Cathie McHugh

Edmee McIntosh

Bruce and Suzanne McKay

Paul Mckenna

William McLaughlin

Thomas and Nancy McLoughlin

Susan DeCorte McMillin

Gae Melford

John Menezes and Sarah Steere

Frank Menniti and Sandra Miller

Bob Mercer and Anne Page

Mike and Nel Messick

Melissa Messina

William and Janet Michael

John and Ann Marie Milholen

Arthur and Marguerite Miller

Robert Miller and Suzanne Apgar


Michael Mirsky and Joanne Bergren

John Miscione and Kristen Earls

William Mockler

Sabine Moffett

Nancy Moore

Charles and Christina Morgan

Jane Morison

Dr. Biddle and JoAnn Morris

Doris Morrison

Dennis and Johanna Morse

Judy Munro

Munro-Delotto Law LLC

Donald and Martha Murphy

Kathryn Murphy

Pauline Murphy

Mystic Lions Club

Mystic River Marina

Mystic Woman's Club

Judith Nadler

James and Bonnie Nault

Clifford Neal

Kenneth and Patricia Neal

Dan and Kate Nelson

Paul and Debra Neuman

Margaret Newton

Richard Newton

Next Tech Solutions

David and Cynthia Nickerson

Clare Noel

Thomas and Teresa Norris

Kevin and Valerie North

Elizabeth Noyes

Nancy Noyes

Susan Noyes

Robert O'Connor

Kathleen O'Beirne

Mary Oberhelman

Dennis and Deborah Mayer O'Brien

Martha O'Brien

Robert and Lorna Occhialini

Edward and Michele O'Donnell

Stephen Offiler and Karen Wall

Thomas and Marie Olson

Todd and Rebekah Olson

Jim and Anne O'Neill

Oliver and Maureen Onorato

Lana Orphanides

Dana Oviatt

Donna Page

Dr. John Pagnozzi and Dr. Kathleen Schwam

Thomas and Darcy Paige

Cynthia Palmer

Glenda Panciera

Jay Pandit

Stephen and Lois Panikoff

Theodore and Katherine Parker

John and Julia Parry

Harry and Marion Paul

Joyce Payer

William and Susan Peowski

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gift Program

Pfizer Groton

Scott Phelps and Gretchen Brautigam

Bonnie Phillips

Kim Phillips

Edward J. Planeta, Jr.

Philip Plouffe and Deborah Sutton

Richard Polatty and Richard Inca

Robert and Eleanor Pomeroy

Julia Porter

Mary Katherine Porter

John and Anne Potter

William and Catherine Potter

Deborah Pryor

Cynthia Puhlick

Edward Purcell and Grace Smith

William and Linda Rambow

John and Maryann Read

Dorothy Jo Reed

Ronald and Susan Reeves

Dr. Lawrence and Betty Anne Reiter

Dr. Trent Repko and Susan Johnson

Richard Rettig and Fumico Nakagawa Rettig

Dr. Jeffrey A. and Alma L. W. Richards

Roger and Mary Richards

Matthew and Faith Richardson

Evelyn and Ward Ritchey

Eleanor Ritzie

Philip and Masha Robarts

Harold Robb

Linda Robbins

O. Pomeroy and Marcia Robinson

Angenette Robinson

Robinson + Cole

Harm Rollema and Fatima Matos

Barbara Romboni

Carl Roode

Peter and Terri Roper

Gail Rosen

Rotary Club of Groton

Rotary Club of Mystic

Peggy Russell

Sergeant Russell and Christine Eskilson

Linda Rutan

Terry Rutledge

Barbara Sahagan

Bill and Sally Salancy

Hamilton and Delycia Salsich

Elizabeth Sanders

Nicholas Sanders

Jeffrey Sandmann and Maureen O'Brien

Michael Sarasin and Renee Mattison

Philip Savoie and Selina Nemser

Tod and Patricia Schaefer

William and Lou Ellen Scheer

Tom and Kristy Schimenti

Elena Schjavland

Kristine Schmidt

Wendy Schnur

Margaret Schock

Carolyn Scholz

David Schulz and Karen Stone

J. Irving Bird Scott

Richard and Dana Semeraro

Diane Senkow

Dr. Anish Shah and Rhonda Malcarne

Rebecca Shea

Roger and Karen Sherman

Michael and Cynthia Shevelew

Shoreline Hospitality LLC

Ken Sigel and Sarah Kelly

Paul and Cassandra Simoncini

Gary Simpson

Jack Sinks and Peggy Ann West

Victor Sitty and Penelope Miller

The Skogerboe Family

Steven Slosberg

Newell and Marilyn Sly

Anne-Marie Smith

Ellen Ross Smith

Evelyn Smith

Gerald Smith

Robert Smith

Sondra Smith

David Snediker and Roberta Donahue

Kenneth and Anne Soeder

Shau-Wen Sokol

Carl and Carol Sommer

Paresh and Manjula Soni

Mary Soriano

Park Astoria Capital Consulting

Eugene Spaziani

Robin Spencer and Vanessa Evans

Peter and Joyce Springsteel

Mrs. L. Edwin Sproul

Jonathan Sproul

C. William and Donna Stamm

Daniel and Mary Staskiewicz

Bruce and Paula Stauffer

Rowland and Carla Stebbins

Nancy Steenburg, Ph.D.

Zell Steever and Elizabeth Raisbeck

Terry and Barbara Stefanski

Valerie Michelle Stewart

Duncan and Lolly Stoddard

Gregory and Jacklyn Stoltz

StoneRidge Senior Care, LLC

Stop & Shop Community Bag Program

Carl and Megan Strand

Karen Strong

Peter and Karin Stuart

Dr. John and Mrs. Eunice Sutphen

Mark and Mary Lou Svencer

Amy Swan

Switz Real Estate

Art Tanner and Robin Leeds

Harold and Barbara Tarbox

Peter and Janilyn Taylor

Leslie and Linda Teicher

Matthew and MaryBeth Teicholz

Claudia Tessier

Harvey and Maria Roode Theberge

Dr. Eric and Marsha Thompson

Barry and Stephanie Thorp

Joan Thorp

Christopher and Elizabeth Thorp

Raymond and Marilyn Thorpe

Nanette Tinney

Dr. Carl Tjerandsen

TomKat Foundation

Thomas and Rosalie Toth

Ethan Tower

Jonathan Towne and Rebecca Noreen

Larry and Leah Tremaine

Irene Trimble

Susan Troy

John and Elizabeth Trupchak

William and Barbara Tufts

Stephen and Cindy Tulka

Joseph Turco

Mark Turner

Burton and Sara Jo Turner

Bill Turner and Paul Coutu

Susan Woodward Twing

Betty Tylaska

Gail Tyler

Vincent and Nina Ursitti

James and Johannah Valentine

Bruce and Grace Vandal

Sandy and Sidney VanZandt

David and Patricia Varholy

Lorraine and Howard Veisz

John and Amanda Vesce

Udo and Janet Virmalo

Pieter and Linda Visscher

Linda Vogel, Ph.D.

Robert and Rita Volkmann

Richard Voyer

Thomas and Dorothy Wadlow

Stephen Wakeman

Jeff and Waller Walker

Karen Walker

Joseph and Cindy Walsh

Marie Walter

Bonnie Wardle

Craig Warren

Barbara Washburn

Thomas and Linda Watkins

John and Lauren Watson

Kathy Weinberger

Howard and Irene Weiss

Frank Wellersdieck

Robert and Susan Welsch

Rebecca Welt

Robert and Lora Welt

Charlie and Eleanor Wenderoth

Royal Werner

Frederic and Sharon West

Katharine Whealton

Joan White

Stanley and Barbara White

Glenn and Sandy Whiteside

Robert and Ann Wicks

Christie Max Williams and Catharine Moffett

Edward and Ruth Williams

Ken and Jill Wilson

Oliver Wilson and Linda Knopf

Keith and Sheila Winkler

Delight Wolfe

Robert and Karen Wolfskehl

Joseph and Loren Wren

Adam and Jennifer Wronowski

Mark and Marianne Wydler

Vince Yevoli and Kate Chanin

Wick and Rodi York

Schania Zelvin

Frederick and Pat Ziegler

Hal and Katherine Zod

George Zvara

Stephen and Janet Zwarg


We apologize for any unintentional omissions or inaccuracies. Please let us know if you would like to be recognized differently.