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Due to COVID-19 and our concern for the well-being of our patrons and staff, the Library will be closing until further notice as of 5pm on Friday, March 13th. Please note that all fines will be waived during this time. Downloadable ebooks and audiobooks, and our movie streaming service (Kanopy).  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Adult Summer Reading Program

June 29th - August 8th

This summer, catch up on your to-be-read list by joining our Adult Summer Reading Program. The rules are simple: every time you read a book and record it with our online form, your name will be entered to win a gift card from local businesses right here in Mystic. We only ask that you record your books honestly, read widely, and enjoy your summer! Click the photo above to record a book at any time.

We will log the books you've read on the Library's Goodreads account. Stay tuned for updates from people in the community to learn new recommendations and read their reviews!

You can send any book reviews you'd like us to feature to Erik at, or to ask questions about the Adult Summer Reading Program. 

Digital Programs

The antidote for social distance? Digital connection. Stay tuned for programs you can attend from home.

Remote Tech Help

By Appointment

We're all struggling with how to stay connected with one another now that we're using social distance to contain the spread of COVID-19. If you need help learning to use mobile technologies like your phone, tablet, or computer, you can still get help from the library! Set up a half-hour long appointment time with Erik, our adult services librarian, for help via phone or video conference. 

Appointment slots are each week Tuesdays (2-3:30) or Wednesdays (11-12:30). Other appointment times available by request.

Sign up for an appointment on our event calendar.

Book Writers Group

1st & 3rd Wednesdays of Every Month | 6PM

open book with pencil lying across a blank page

*Click the photo above to go to our Google Drive folder*

Within the folder are forms for the workshop sign-up sheet, a list of group member contacts, and materials to be workshopped for the coming sessions. Participants may choose to email work privately to other participants rather than upload to these public folders. 


Come join us for a newly started ongoing program: Book Writers! Whether you're all finished with 50,000 words from National Novel Writing Month and want to go to the next step, need to make the finishing touches on a manuscript, or you're just getting started, one of the best ways to keep going is to work with a group of other writers with their own projects and pursuits to keep you motivated. Make 2020 the year you're ready to get serious about getting published. 

Please contact Erik at for information about the next workshop before attending. View this tutorial about how to join virtual library programs. You can find more resources about how to use Zoom, a video conferencing program, on their website.

A Living List of Workshop Rules

  1. Workshops run for 30 minutes per piece of writing.
  2. Two workshop slots per meeting, with a 30 minute freebie block of time at the end for smaller pieces or discussions.
  3. Pieces cannot exceed 20 pages at a time, and are to be read by participants the weeks before the workshop date.
  4. Pieces must be uploaded to the Drive or sent via emails to everyone the meeting before they're scheduled to workshop, otherwise they must sign up for a later date.
  5. No speaking about, defending, or otherwise explaining your writing while your piece is up for discussion until the last 5 minutes!